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The shear blade needs to be replaced frequently during producing the strip steel of side trimmer. It is difficult to disassemble and assemble the cutter. The off-line disassembly and assembly of the cutter cannot be completely used as external time because of the lack of a dedicated test bench and t
The inactivation of cutting edge always causes the shear force too large even the knife is changed ahead of time. This paper, considering the equipment and process characteristics of hot strip disc shear, establishes the shear force calculation models of disk shear considering inactivation and not c
The waste edge dashes against chute in the shearing process, it causes problems of chute wear and waste edge blockage. This paper selects typical specification products and quantitative simulates the stress and strain distribution and running state law of waste edge, the characteristics of equipment
In view of the serious wear of the inner wall of the chute during the shearing process of the disc, which causes the scrapping of the waste silo and the escape wire and even the chute, taking fully into account the equipment and technological characteristics of the disc shearing, the finite element
In order to shaping the local deformation of extruded aluminum profiles, a new shaping method for high-frequency precision forging was provided. The finite element analysis which was applied as the step-feeding method to forging and shaping had been performed on the slot aluminum extrusion profile.
The special flat car of the high-speed dynamic balance test station for the steam turbine rotor is synchronously operated by 6 cylinders of the double pumping station. When using a proportional synchronization system, the system does not set a fixed reference cylinder, but continuously eliminates sy
The plasma rotating electrode processing(PREP)machine is used to produce high quality metal powder. In recent years, metal 3D printing technology has developed rapidly, and the quality of metal powder has been paid more attention. This paper introduces a new type of PREP machine, which adopts the me
In order to solve the problem, in the actual production process, that the less the straightness measured immediately is after the bar straightening and instantaneous spring-back, the more the final lag spring-back will be, and the quality of the finished product is not necessarily good. Under the co